Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I just spent the last two hours on Gmail, in a three-way chat with two of my favorite people in the world!  One was my current roommate, and the other was one of my favorite former roommates.  First was Jill, which was pretty funny since she was sitting about two feet away from me the entire time.  :)  The other was my former roommate of two years, Allie, who's now in law school halfway across the country.  I hadn't talked to her...almost at all since she moved away.  I guess we've both been so busy that it just...didn't happen.  However, three months is much too long to go without any kind of contact beyond occasional comments on Facebook statuses and photos.  I intend to not let that happen again.

Tonight was a good step in that direction.  We had such a wonderful time catching each other up on everything that's been going on.  We talked about everything from boys (naturally :)) to school to work to roommates to Disney movies to typos to emoticons.  :)  When we finally had to say goodbye, Jill and I were both shocked to see how much time had passed.  Time really does fly when you're having fun!  So basically, I love reconnecting with dear friends, whether the time since I last saw them was two minutes (ahem, Jill ;)) or two years.  It's been a good evening.  :)

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