Friday, October 7, 2011

REL = Random

Yesterday I spent an incredible evening doing things that I love with people I love.  On Wednesday, I'd decided to work hard during the day yesterday so that I could be done with my homework by early evening and then be able to play guilt-free.  Of course, the whole flu shot saga kind of made that difficult, since it took four times as long to get the shot as I had planned (but after one more failed attempt beyond the ones I talked about yesterday, I did finally get it!  Hooray!).

But I still managed to get my homework done before too late.  So Jill and I watched the movie Rio.  Neither of us had seen it, but we'd both heard good things about it.  So we watched it together and completely loved it!  It's such an adorable movie!  Both of us were dying of laughter almost the entire time.  :)  And I cried at the end...surprise, surprise.  :)

I also started to play with Jill's hair at the beginning of the movie, and I ended up doing so the whole time!  We have a mutually beneficial relationship: I love to play with people's hair, and Jill loves to have her hair played with.  :)  I think that the fact that I like to play with hair is probably one of the few attributes I have that would label me as "girly."  :)  I'm not exactly a tomboy, but I've never been particularly girly, except when it comes to playing with hair.

After the movie was over, my friend Toni came over, and the three of us had a wonderful visit together.  I love that girl!  And after she left, Jill and I discovered something: CDs make great Frisbees!  :)  I've been burning all my music from my computer onto CDs to replace the CDs that were stolen from my car last week, and one of the CDs didn't burn properly, so I knew I'd have no other use for it.  So instead of throwing it away, I decided to have some fun with it.  :)  So I started playing with it, and then I tossed it to Jill, and we ended up tossing it back and forth for nearly half an hour while we were just chatting and laughing.  Good times.  :)

So it was kind of a random evening, but hey, I thrive on random!  :)



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