Saturday, October 1, 2011

By Any Means Necessary

This afternoon, after the second session of General Conference, I was able to go watch my sister participate in a marching band competition.  It was pretty cool!  Although it's pretty difficult to pick out the person you're there supporting when she looks exactly like everyone around her.  ;)

After the competition, my sister came home to ask me how the afternoon session of General Conference had been.  She'd had to meet with her band at 2:00, so she'd been unable to watch the afternoon session.  When I briefly recounted which apostles had spoken (she'd been hoping she hadn't missed Elder Holland, though that hope was dashed when we found out that he spoke at the Priesthood session.  Blast!  :)), she said that she'd actually been able to listen to a small portion of the first talk of the afternoon session on the bus.  She (or one of her friends, I can't remember which) had been listening to her iPod radio during the sustaining of the church officers and repeating it out loud to the others in their group so they could all participate in the sustaining of the church officers.  I thought that was really cool!  Here were a bunch of high school kids on their way to a band competition, and they still chose to literally participate in the sustaining of their church leaders, using the means that were available to them.  Way to be!  Hearing that just made my evening.  :)

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