Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I’ve decided that I really dislike transitions. They take so much time out of my day! Take, for instance, the little two-hour window that I have in between mission prep and orchestra on Mondays and Wednesdays. I use those two hours to practice my two instruments, the cello and the organ. I also, ideally, like to have lunch sometime during that two-hour period.

So here’s how it runs: I walk from the library to the fourth floor of the HFAC to pick up my organ shoes and books from my locker, then walk down to the third floor of the HFAC to practice. I have to take five minutes to change shoes and set up the organ before I can actually start practicing and then another five minutes to pack up before I can move on. Then I go down one level and spend another five minutes collecting my cello and music from their respective locations, scouting out an available practice room, and setting up before I can begin practicing. Once I’m finished, I have to pack up and put everything away, and somewhere in there I walk back to the fourth floor to take my organ shoes back to my locker. Then I walk over to the Wilk to have lunch and walk back to the HFAC in time for orchestra.

All told, I’m pretty sure nearly a half hour of my precious two-hour window is taken up in transition time. I really wish I could just zap myself from one activity to another and eliminate travel and preparation time in between. I’m sure I’d get at least one extra hour out of my day that way. What could I do with it? Well, the possibilities are endless! What would I do with it? Probably crash from exhaustion because I didn’t have a break between activities during the day. :) So, in reality, those transition times are probably a good thing so I’m not just constantly going. But I really wish I could use those little five to ten minute intervals to relax rather than spending them constantly running from one place to the next.

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