Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jesus, Savior, Friend

I wrote a poem on Sunday.  I'd written the first two verses several weeks ago, but I'd gotten stuck and hadn't had any further inspiration until this past Sunday.  Then the rest of it just...came to me on Sunday.  It's a little rough, but I like it.  I hope you enjoy it too.

Jesus, Savior, Friend
A humble plea, a bitter cup
Unspeakable agony;
Great drops of blood shed for the world
In the garden Gethsemane.

A crown of thorns, a purple robe,
A cross upon a tree;
Nails pierced His hands, a spear pierced His side
On a hill called Calvary.

He suffered all our sins and pains
And fell on bended knee.
He was the only one who could—
This man from Galilee

He died upon the cross because
He, only, had the key
To break the bands of death and hell
And thereby make us free.

I didn’t meet Christ on this earth;
The cross I did not see.
And yet I know that what He did
Was done for you and me.

And though I don’t deserve this gift,
I’m trying prayerfully
To be the worthy servant that
I know I ought to be.

Oh Jesus Christ, my Lord, my God,
I’m grateful unto Thee
For all that Thou has done for us,
For what you’ve done for me.

Please help me do all that I can
To serve Thee faithfully.
Thou art my best and truest friend;
I’m coming unto Thee.

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