Friday, September 23, 2011

Life is Good!

This week has been insanely crazy but really fun.  Here are some of the highlights:

On Tuesday I had my third organ lesson, and it was fantastic!  My teacher is both competent and super complimentary, so I'm learning and improving a great deal, and yet it's never at the expense of my feelings; I always walk away from my lessons feeling incredibly good about myself.  And I've finally started learning actual music instead of just simple scales and such.  Hooray!

On Wednesday I was prompted during institute to call a friend of mine, and I'm pretty sure I benefited more from the phone call than she did.  :)

Yesterday I went to the temple in the morning, which always improves my week.  :)  I also participated with Adaptive Aquatics for the first time, working with special needs children in the pool.  It was so fun and such a good experience.  I'm excited to do that every week.  Then yesterday afternoon I participated in TOPS (Tutor Outreach to Provo Schools) volunteering at an after-school program at Wasatch Elementary.  Do you guys remember when you were first learning addition and subtraction and had those pictures of the single blocks, the stacks of ten blocks, and the squares of one hundred blocks?  Yeah, good memories.  :)  Also, apparently "kill" is not an option when coming up with words that rhyme with "fill," because "kill" is apparently a bad word.  :)

Today I took my first test of the semester and got a great score, which was definitely a relief considering my recent issues with actually getting into school.  :)  Since I finished my test earlier than I had expected, I had plenty of time to go practice the organ.  I found it ironic that when I was practicing the piano and the cello when I was younger, I often had a hard time filling my practice time.  Now I have a hard time stopping myself from just practicing for two hours straight!  Not that that much practice would be a bad thing, but I just don't have the time to do that.  But today I had all the time in the world, and it was great!  Then I went shopping at Costco with my friend Liz, which was super fun!  Of course, the two of us can make just about anything fun when we're together.  :)

Now I have a great weekend to look forward to!  I have a lot of homework and such to do, but I also have some fun things to look forward to.  University Chorale retreat is tomorrow morning, the Relief Society broadcast is tomorrow evening, and after that waits another wonderful Sunday.  I love my life!  :)

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