Saturday, September 17, 2011


So, even though I'm no longer majoring in English Language, once an English major, always an English major.  So even on my blog, I always have to have some sort of theme and some form of cohesion and coherence to my blog posts.  Well, today, the only form of coherence that exists is to say that all of these are simply the rambling thoughts of one busy, tired girl going throughout her Saturday.  :)

  • My dreams are really weird.  Very vivid, very literal, and very weird.

  • I can hear the noise of the stadium from my apartment.  Haha, it's pretty awesome!  What's really funny is that the TV is slightly behind the noise, so I always hear cheering before I know what the cheering is for.  :)

  • I face a slight conundrum since I was raised a Ute fan but now attend BYU---normally I just cheer for whatever team everyone around me is rooting for; when I'm by myself, who do I cheer for?  :)

  • That last question was definitely rhetorical.  Just saying.  ;)

  • James Earl Jones has a fluency disorder.  In other words, Mufasa stutters!  Weird!

  • I am far too addicted to peanut butter and cinnamon (not necessarily together, though I have to admit that would probably be really good!  :)

  • I never thought I'd see the day when I would have a roommate who regularly went to bed before me.  How do you like that, all my former roommates?  :)

  • My internet is currently being really dumb; it won't refresh itself or complete any commands I give it unless I'm moving the cursor.  Odd.

  • I love using pictures and videos to reminisce.  Today's subject matter: the Gardner family reunion at Fish Lake.  :)  Good times.

  • The Awful Waffle uses iPads to record orders.  Haha, awesome!

  • It's kind of fun to try to figure out what commercials are about and what the narration or dialogue in commercials might be when the TV is muted.

  • Um, Utah of you needs to turn your back to the camera and hold still so I can look closely at your helmet I've probably spent a good fifteen minute over the course of the game trying to look at one of your helmets and see if they still have "JWB" tatooed on the back.  I can't see it, and it's making me sad!  Don't tell me they took it off!

  • Time for soon as the game is over.  :)

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