Monday, June 27, 2011

It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times

So you know how I jokingly said at the end of my last post that my wonderful Friday was either the beginning to an amazing weekend or a preparation for something horrible to come?  Well, it turns out it was both.

Saturday was the good part of the weekend.  I went to the YSA Summit with my brothers, and it was super fun!  To make a long story short (because I tell way too many long stories :)), I attended three different workshops that were all amazing, and I spent a good part of the afternoon playing on the organ, accompanied by a guy on the piano and a guy singing along; none of us had met before that afternoon!  :)  Then we finished off the evening with a comedian and an impressionist, both of whom were awesome!  We left before the dance got started, because none of us is very interested in dancing, and I wanted to get to bed on time in anticipation for my commute to Provo for 8:30 church.  So much for best-laid plans.

When I woke up yesterday morning an hour before my alarm was supposed to go off, I knew immediately that I wasn't going to be going to Provo.  It seems that the stomach flu that has been going around the daycare's infant room got passed on to me.  Great.  So I spent the entire day completely miserable.  Definitely the worst of times.  What's funny is that the worst part of that whole ordeal was not my physical discomfort; it was my disappointment that I couldn't go to Provo!  :)  I always look forward to Sundays because I get to see all my friends in Provo.  I hated not being able to see them.  So, if any of my friends in the Provo YSA 190th ward are reading this, I hope you appreciate my perspective.  :)  Well anyway, I'm feeling much better today, albeit totally exhausted.  Now I just desperately hope that what I had doesn't pass to the rest of the family.  We don't need anyone to be sick over the fourth of July.  Yuck!

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