Saturday, July 30, 2011

Feel the Need for Speed

Sometimes life gets crazy enough that I just need to go for a drive.  I need to be able to go full throttle in a place with no speed limit and to mess around without worrying about crashing or rolling.  No, I'm not talking about doing doughnuts in a snowy church parking lot.  :)  I'm talking about waverunners!

Today I went with my family on our annual trip to Jordanelle Reservoir.  We try to go at least once each summer, and it's one of my favorite traditions.  We play in the sand on the "beach," swim out to the buoys, sit under our canopy to chat and eat snacks, and of course play on our waverunners.  It's an absolute blast!  And for whatever reason, today my desire to ride was much stronger and longer-lasting than normal.  Usually I'm happy to take one or two turns and be done.  But today, besides a break to eat dinner and a little stretch of time when we couldn't go out because of lightning, I was on a waverunner almost nonstop!  (I'll be feeling that tomorrow, but it was definitely worth it!)  There's something very therapeutic about driving as fast as you can, swerving all around, doing doughnut after doughnut, and getting drenched from the resulting spray.  After a great deal of stress and work and studying from the past few weeks (or the past few years!), I think I really needed that.  :)  There's just nothing like a day at the lake!


  1. Well, Arielle, I will say, I was VERY VERY confused as I was reading this post. I NEVER pegged you as one to release a ton of stress by driving fast! Of course, it all made more sense when I read the part of it being wave runners and not an actual car. I'm sure a day at the lake was very good for you. I am SO proud that you relaxed and got out all your stress!!! :)

  2. rellybellybuttonJuly 31, 2011 at 5:31 PM

    Haha, well confusing people was kind of my intention with my first paragraph. I got the inspiration for it on the way to the lake, and I thought it was pretty clever (which just goes to show I have strange taste). :) I wanted to see if anyone would be taken aback by what I said and see if they enjoyed the humor when they realized I wasn't talking about cars. :) I hate driving crazy in cars! I can assure you that will never be a de-stressor for me. However, waverunners are entirely different. :)