Friday, July 22, 2011

Little Miracles

People often talk about miracles as if they always have to be big to be miraculous.  For me, yesterday was full of little miracles, and I am as grateful for them as I would be for nearly any grand-event miracle.

The first miracle was that I was finally able, after nearly two months since my ear infections, to see an ear specialist for a follow-up appointment to make sure everything was in order.  With my history, it was definitely important to check.

The second miracle was that there was actually an ear specialist who performs tympanoplasty and ossiculoplasty, the two procedures I have been through; we probably could have seen any ear doctor and been just fine, but it's definitely an advantage to have the doctor understand exactly what you've had done and how it should affect you.  I wasn't able to see the specialist who actually performed my surgeries because our insurance only covered him while I was under 18, so it was wonderful to find someone nearby who could do the same thing for us.  (It turns out that the specialist I saw when I was a child and the one who I saw yesterday are the only two doctors in the state who specialize in tympanoplasty and ossiculoplasty; I'd say that's pretty miraculous!)

The third miracle, the one I am most grateful for, is that under careful examination the doctor determined that everything had healed well and was as it should be.  A hearing screening showed that my hearing hasn't changed, and a careful examination of my ears showed that the infections were completely cleared up and that the perforati0n in my left eardrum has completely healed.  The doctor reported that for a large minority of people with repaired eardrums, a new perforation will not heal on its own; to have mine do so was such a relief!

The fourth miracle has nothing to do with the first three, except that I discovered it in the midst of my ear stuff.  You know how whenever you go to the doctor, no matter what it's for, they always weigh you?  Well, between my visit to the doctor when my ears were infected and yesterday's visit, I've lost about ten pounds!  I guess the healthy eating and exercising have paid off.  And chasing kids around at work all day can't hurt in that regard.  :)

The fifth miracle is that I drove to and from Provo safely today when I went there for a Relief Society activity.  I do the drive every week, so it's not a big deal, but I'm always grateful when I make it safely.

I'm so incredibly grateful that, at least at this point, I don't have to repeat the surgery I went through when I was ten years old.  I'm grateful for the wonderful medical technology of today which has allowed me to hear better than I would have otherwise.  I'm grateful for medical insurance that makes it financially possible for us to access that wonderful technology.  These are the little miracles in my life, and though I don't always show proper gratitude for them, I hope I will better remember to always do so in the future.

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