Thursday, April 17, 2014


So I guess I still haven't gotten into the habit of being a consistent blogger again.  Most of the time that I have anything happen that's worth posting, I either forget that I have a blog where I could post it, or I'm just too tired to even lift a finger.  :)  So here's what's been going on in my life of late:

- On March 29th I went to the General Women's Meeting with my mom, and it was so wonderful!  I especially loved the parts where they talked about what a wonderful influence a mother has on her children.  I would definitely have to say my mother has had an incredible influence on me.  I love her so much!
- On April 6th, the anniversary of the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ and also of the organization of His true Church on the earth, I got to attend the Sunday morning session of General Conference with my friend Jill, and it was amazing!  I always love being there in person and feeling the Spirit that is so strong in the conference center.
- I also loved being with my family for the other sessions of General Conference.  I'd spent the last three General Conferences in Texas, the first time in my life that I'd watched the sessions away from home.  I was so happy to be back with my family again.  :)

...and that's about it.  :)  Still working at the daycare, still just doing my thing, still tired.  :)  But loving life!  It's so wonderful!  Hopefully I'll be able to blog about it more often.  :)

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