Monday, March 3, 2014

I Love to See the Temple

Yesterday we had a lesson about the temple in Relief Society.  So for the opening song we sang the Primary song "I Love to See the Temple."  I have always loved that song.  However, the lyrics are targeted more toward children who are preparing to enter the temple, so they don't apply quite as well to adults who have already entered the temple.  So as I was listening to the lesson, I started thinking of lyrics that would apply more to how I feel about the temple now.  Here's the result.  Hope you like it.  :)

I love to see the temple,
So beautiful and bright.
There, I can feel the Spirit;
I'm filled with warmth and light.
For the temple is the house of God,
A place of sweet refreshing.
I've prepared myself for many years,
To have this sacred blessing.

I love to see the temple.
I go inside oft times
To covenant with my Father
In promises sublime.
I am grateful for this holy place,
A refuge like no other.
As I faithful stay, one day I'll reach
My home with Heav'nly Father.

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