Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hooray for Less Pain!

So a week and a half ago, I was rear-ended while I was driving home from my grandmother's house.  It was a very mild accident, and no one was seriously hurt, for which I am very grateful.  But I suffered a great deal of whiplash, and my back and neck were in a lot of pain after that.  I could barely tolerate sitting in church for three hours the next day.  Thank heaven for chiropractors!

Since the person who hit me was at fault in the accident, her insurance is paying for my chiropractic visits, which is good because I've already had seven chiropractic visits since the accident.  But they are WORTH IT!  Oh man, I love chiropractics!  My back and neck still aren't totally back to normal, but they are so much better than they were, and I am so happy!  So yeah, hooray for less pain!  :)

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