Friday, April 20, 2012

What a Weekend!

Well, the seemingly unattainable has finally happened: I am officially a BYU graduate! These past few days have been jam packed; there's been enough stuff going on in the past 48 hours to fill two normal weeks!

The fun started on Wednesday night when I finished my last final exam of my undergraduate career--my final final...hee hee!  :)  I had been freaking out all day because the final wasn't scheduled until 5:45, and it was going to be my hardest of the four.  When I finished it, I was almost giddy with relief and excitement.  Jill enjoyed watching me get super excited throughout the evening.  :)

Well, in celebrating, Jill and I stayed up way too late, but we still got up early the next morning to go to the temple.  We went with our mutual friend Toni, and it was such a beautiful and peaceful experience.  To be at the temple with two of my favorite people?  You can't get much better than that!  Afterwards, we went to breakfast together, which was super fun as well!  Then I spent a good part of the morning cleaning and packing as well as preparing for the big event of the afternoon: Commencement!

First, Toni did my hair and makeup for Commencement, and she did a fantastic job!  Then I went to the Smoot Building at 3:00 along with the rest of the graduates to prepare for the processional.  I was fortunate to find several friends from my major so that we could walk together and then sit together.  And one of the best things about Commencement was that it was short!  :)  The actual ceremony started at 4:00, and we were done by about 5:00!  The ceremony itself was a great experience, and I'm glad I was able to participate.

Once Commencement was over, I met up with my parents so we could take pictures, and then we headed back to my apartment.  The rest of the evening wasn't exactly enjoyable, but it was productive.  :)  My parents and I loaded most of my stuff into our 12-seater van so my parents could take it home with them.  Then Jill and I spent the rest of the evening (and ended up staying up late again, blast it all) cleaning the apartment and preparing to check out.  Then I could hardly sleep at all last night because of the anticipation for today.  :)

Okay, this post is long enough.  I think I'll just post it and do a separate one for today, because today has been a huge day in and of itself.  :)

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