Saturday, January 21, 2012


Well, I can finally say that I've seen the movie Titanic.  I was too young to see it when it came out, and by the time I was old enough, I'd forgotten about it.  My roommate had seen the movie several times and wished that I could see it.  I remember her saying months ago, "I have it on VHS.  If we had a VCR and three hours of spare time, I'd suggest we watch it."  :)

Since I knew Jill really wanted me to see it, I decided to put the DVD on hold at the library.  It took a couple of weeks to become available.  When it did, I picked it up and brought it home but didn't say anything.  Then yesterday afternoon (I can't remember why), the subject of Titanic came up again, and I dropped the bombshell and told Jill I currently had the DVD in my possession.  She got so excited and asked if we could watch it last night.  I agreed, and we did so.

I have to admit that that movie took my breath away several times.  Despite the inappropriate scenes (which Jill had never seen but knew when they occurred, so we were able to censor them :)) and an overdose of swear words, I thought the movie was very well done.  The first half was adorable, and the second half had me completely riveted.  I cried at several points throughout the second half, and I cried hard.  Not that it's hard to make me cry in a movie :), but this one was a particular tear jerker for me.

It's always been at the back of my mind that I eventually wanted to see Titanic.  Now I can say that I have, and I'm quite glad.  :)

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