Monday, December 19, 2011


Today I visited the daycare where I've worked for the past two summers.  I had the chance to visit back in October when I came home for General Conference weekend but hadn't had a chance since.  Two months isn't generally considered a super long time, but when it comes to young children, it definitely is!  I was astounded to see that half of the toddler class now consists of children with whom I used to work in the infant room.  Now they're walking, and some are even talking!  Most of them didn't recognize me, but a few did.  The other half of the infants I used to work with are still in the baby room, but they're getting so much bigger!  They're sitting up, scooting, and even starting to stand!  I could hardly believe my eyes!

Among the children two and older, the changes weren't quite so drastic, though it was still apparent that they're growing and changing rapidly.  It was so fun to go into the twos', threes', and fours' classrooms, because the kids there recognized me and all ran to give me hugs.  Even the ones who didn't know me wanted to hug me!  :)  It was so fun to hear their chatter as they told me all about the goings on in their little lives.

And I loved being able to interact with my former coworkers.  I'd become good friends with many of them and have missed being able to chat with them on a regular basis.  It was great to hear about the goings on in their lives and catch them up on mine.  All of that rolled together made me really want to just go back and work at the daycare instead of going back to school!  :)  But that's not meant to be.  One more semester, and I'll be on my way to grad school, which will lead to my ultimate career, which will, hopefully, still give me the opportunity to work with children on a regular basis.  :)  And despite the nostalgia and longing, it was definitely worth the trip down memory lane to visit the daycare today.  :)

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