Monday, December 26, 2011

The Aftermath

Well, it's the day after Christmas, and I think we're all probably experiencing a little let-down.  I just thought I'd share one more spiritual thought related to Christmas.  It's a song I heard in my family's ward's Christmas program yesterday.  The song is called "Shine for Me Again, Star of Bethlehem," and it really touched me when I heard it.  I thought it would be appropriate to share the day after Christmas, because the lyrics are tender and powerful and remind us that it's important to celebrate Christ all year round, not just at Christmas time:

The night was long, we traveled far,
At times I looked but could not see the star.
Yet still it shone, unveiling then
The way to Bethlehem.
My heart held fear 'mid puzzled joy,
For I was only a small shepherd boy.
And on a hillside soft and green,
I heard an angel sing.

I saw the midnight sky aflame with
Radiant angels bathed in light, holy light.
Bringing word that Christ was born and
Beckoning to find him, go and find him.
A sweeter face I ne'er will see
Than of those loving eyes smiling up at me.
I found a King; I found a friend
That night in Bethlehem.

But life goes on, years beyond one brief night of my youth.
Time clouds my vision of truth.
And tho' I stumble and fall I can hear someone call,
"Do not despair, your star is still there."

That Christmas night so long ago
Has filled my life with light because I know
That he lives now as he did then,
A King in Bethlehem.
Whose love never ends.
Shine for me again, star of Bethlehem.

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