Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Good Day in the Making

5:12 a.m.---The sound of my phone's "text received" ringtone jolted me out of a deep sleep.  Not yet realizing what time it was, I knew one thing: my alarm hadn't yet gone off, and anyone who was texting me before my alarm went off was insane.  I opened my phone, saw that the text was from my roommate Jill, and read one word: "Temple?"  That was when I looked at the clock and realized that the text had actually not arrived before my alarm was supposed to go off, but 12 minutes after.  Excellent.  (Now you see why I concluded that anyone who was texting me before my alarm went off would have been stark raving mad.  :))  I realized later that I had accidentally set my alarm for 5:00 p.m. instead of  5:00 a.m.  It was fortunate that Jill and I had planned to go together, because without her waking me up I probably wouldn't have woken up until 7:30.  That's one reason I love having someone to go to the temple with me: we can help each other by making sure we actually go.  However, when I first realized what had happened, I almost went back to sleep.  Getting to the temple ten to fifteen minutes later than usual in the early morning hours can be the difference between finishing a trip with time and to spare, and waiting for two to three hours and then having to leave early because you don't want to be late for class.

Fortunately, I had two things going for me: first, I didn't have class until 10:00, so I knew I really did have plenty of time to do baptisms, even if I did have to wait a little longer than normal; second, I had Jill to encourage me.  Since I was her ride to the temple, if I didn't go, she couldn't go.  Not that she would have said anything in that regard: she's way too nice.  :)  But I wouldn't have wanted to be the one who kept her from going.  Also, I really wanted to go to the temple, because it had been three weeks since either Jill or I last been to the temple.  We'd missed three weeks in a row for various reasons and had promised each other that this week we would go.  So I simply got up and made record time for getting dressed and ready for the temple.  In fact, I was still ready before Jill.  :)  She had texted me before she was completely ready to go to give me enough time to get ready without leaving her standing there waiting for me.  I don't think she had expected me to be ready quite so quickly.  :)

But soon we were both ready and were off to the temple.  Turns out I could have taken advantage of being ready before Jill to go scrape off my car, but I hadn't anticipated the need.  Welcome to November.  Ah well.  Being at the temple was absolutely wonderful!  I can tell that my spirit had missed it.  And after all this debate with myself over timing and waiting and whatnot, we were still back in our apartment by a little after 7:00!  So I was essentially ready for the day before my every-other-day-alarm would have normally gone off!  Ha!  So Jill and I had time to make and eat a good breakfast together, sit and chat, and even play a couple of rounds of "It Came to Pass" before we needed to head off to work and school.  Temple, breakfast, friendship.  Can there be a better way to start off the day?  I think not!  :)

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