Sunday, August 14, 2011

More Little Miracles

Remember a few weeks ago when I talked about “little miracles” in my life?  Well, I’ve experienced more of those, and most of them have happened just in the past couple of hours.  I just couldn’t resist sharing them before I headed to bed:

  • The choir sang in church today and did a fantastic job!  I'm the ward choir director, and I always get nervous wondering how the numbers will turn out.  I should learn by now to have more faith in my choir.  They have never let me down.  :)

  • Three amazing girls in my ward offered to help me carry my stuff out to my car when I was leaving Provo.  With my sore legs from the temple walk yesterday, I was not looking forward to making five trips up and down the stairs to carry it all myself; these three girls were angels to me.  Not only that, but several others offered to help when they saw us carrying the stuff.  Even though we had everything covered with the first three, I was touched by their offering to help.  The people in my ward are so service-minded, and I love being around them.  With them around, I don't have to wonder why I decided to commute to church so that I could stay in the ward.  :)

  • I made it home safely from Provo.  Not only did I have to deal with construction and a couple of stupid drivers, but my contacts decided to momentarily malfunction while I was driving!  Fortunately they cleared soon after, and I wasn't endangered in any way during the two seconds that I couldn't see.

  • There was some cool lightning on the horizon that I saw bits of while I was driving.  I couldn't see the actual bolts, but I could see the light flashing behind the mountain, creating a really cool silhouette.  This wasn't exactly a miracle, but just a cool phenomenon that Heavenly Father created and which I was fortunate enough to observe.

I'm so grateful for the little miracles in my life.  They keep me going and remind me that the Lord is mindful of me.  :)

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