Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Let it Begin

I got a new key today.  Actually, I got three new keys.  All part of the procedure as I checked in to my new apartment!  Hooray!  I took the morning off work so I could shuttle a carload of stuff to my apartment and officially check in.  It's so nice to finally have my own bedroom again.  As much as I have loved sleeping over in Jill's room whenever I've stayed overnight in Provo (and who knows, I might still do it occasionally, but at least now I'll have a choice :)), but it's nice to have a place to call my own.

To make things even better, I was able to see two of my favorite people while I was in Provo.  Toni helped me move my stuff to my apartment (what would have taken me eight to ten trips only took us four!), and then I was able to chat with Shantel.  Both encounters made my day and got me really excited to officially move in this weekend.  I also met one of my new neighbors when I offered to help her carry her stuff to her apartment.  Nothing like doing a good turn to someone else to make a bright day even brighter.  :)  I'm so excited to start this last year of school, meet new people, see old friends, and have a blast!

I also got a new wallet today.  Random, I know, but hey, it makes me happy.  :)

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